I feel the need to shout this from the hilltops. If you have a guitar and they tell you it's done, dead, caput, don't listen to them. There is a man, a miracle worker, and he's right here in our backyard! The Guitar Doctor 610-207-3918. THANK YOU DR. MIKE!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan "Otis McOats" Bower
Mike - I have been playing both guitars tonight and can't tell you how pleased I am with your work! The Les Paul is absolutely a different instrument. You are really an amazing craftsman. Thanks so much.
Bill Hagar
Mike, It was great to get my Gibson back in such great shape. It has been a while since it played this well. You are a craftsman and I will be recommending your work to any of my guitar picking friends.
Michael Liss
I picked up my Factor bass this afternoon and it looks and plays amazing. Thanks so much for your work on it!
Steve Clutter
Mike, Since picking up my Strat yesterday it's almost impossible to put it down. It's a dream to play and despite my limited skills I'm sounding better. This was my first professional setup but certainly won't be my last.
Dave Holder
Mike, Received the bass yesterday. Just spent the last couple hours playing it. Plays beautiful, sound great. Just wanted to say thank you again for your work.
Zachary Knapp
Hi Mike. Bass arrived today. Looks and plays great. Nice job. And thank you for the case and manual. Best regards,
Jeff Schaffer
Mike. just wanted to drop a line and tell you I am very pleased with the work you did. It was almost like a different guitar. The harmonics are richer and I had to change some pedal settings to compensate. Very nice. It’s more “alive” if that makes sense to you. The tremolo set up works for me. If ever I need work I will be back and if I can drop your name I will. Once again, thanks for a job well done.
John McLaughlin
Well, after having a couple of days to play this thing I've come to the conclusion that it's possibly the nicest guitar I've ever played - for so many reasons. I've been fortunate to enough to have played some very nice guitars, and this really does beat all of them in playability, tone, and especially looks!
Ian Clements
Alright, I'm starving, my shoulders are numb, fingers are sore. Just what the doctor ordered. The old girl and I, made up. She told me to never visit Oklahoma, again. She had a hard time dealing with the separation. I agreed! Must be love. Thanks again! Great job.
Eric Mackow
My Yamaha 12-string is doing well. The work on it is beautiful and the sound is enormous and mellow. First time out in the new form will be at the Firebird Festival in Phoenixville the 12th. In the meantime I have strongly recommended you to a friend of mine, He has some work that needs doing on a Martin.
Michael Reddy, Ph.D.
Mike, I justed wanted to drop you a note about how happy I am with the work you did on my guitar. You took an ordinary guitar and made it something special. The action is great, the tone is greatly improved, and the combination of the graphite nut, staggered locking tuners, and the new bridge/tremolo work beautifully together...the guitar stays in tune! It sounds and plays like a dream...I haven't picked up my other guitar since. I'll have to bring that one over to you so you can lay your magic on it. And to think you finished the work a week ahead of schedule! Thanks again for the great guitar work...you have rekindled my love of this guitar. Best Regards,
Dan "Otis McOats" Bower
Mike - Thanks so much for the excellent work on my strat, and for showing me your hand-built jazz guitar. It was really worth the trip!
Tim Breon
Mike, I hope all is well! Just wanted to say thanks again for the kalimba! Sounds great! Thanks again!
Trevor Gordon Hall
Thank you very much Mike , very good job. My bass is like new . We will be in touch.
Antonio Castaneda
You really know your stuff!!!! Guitar is playing great again!
Thank you, thank you!!!!!
Greg Heintzleman
Ric 36012 is awesome! Great work man.
Ken Bagenstose
My Les Paul plays and sounds great once again thanks to you.
You are a true artist.
Kris Gike
Just wanted to thank you again for your work on my Gibson B-25 and Martin 12 string. Even with all the miles on them, now they play and sound better than new. You are truly a craftsman who takes pride in his work and has personal concern for his client’s satisfaction. Thanks!
Tom Canty
You are a true craftsman. The work you did on my Gretsch made it look like new and the adjustments you did made it play even better than new. I will think of your skills often as I continue to enjoy this guitar. Thanks again for your hard work.
Vic Hess
Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with the guitar. You are a master. The guitar (bridge and neck reset) looks as if it had never been touched. To have spent so many years with this guitar playing it with it's former action, it is unbelievable what you were able achieve. To repeat an old cliche it now plays like butter and for the first time in it's life plays in tune. G-d forbid but if there ever is a fire this guitar is the first thing I will save after my wife (and sometimes I wonder about that!). It was well worth the wait and the best $900 I ever spent. A million thanks for your expertise and taking good care of my baby.
Rudy Gillberti