Note: Prices do not include cost of parts. Hourly rate for services not listed below is $65.00 per hour.

Acoustic GuitarDescriptionPrices (in Dollars)
Set-UpIncludes Truss rod, nut slot, saddle/action, adjust tuners, and oil fingerboard75.00
New Nut6-String100.00
New Nut12-String120.00
New SaddleNew Style – saddle completely embedded in bridge50.00
New SaddleOld Style – saddle runs through bridge75.00
Tuners InstalledDirect Replacement25.00
Bridge Re-glued200.00
Bridge ReplacedCall
Bridge Plate Repaired75.00
Glue Loose Brace45.00 ea.
Glue Crack35.00 +
Cleat CrackPer Cleat15.00
Replace Pick GuardMartin Style125.00
New Pick GuardAcousticCall
Neck ResetMartin 450.00
Neck ResetGibson500.00

Electric GuitarDescriptionPrices (in Dollars)
Set-UpIncludes Truss rod, nut slot, action, intonation, adjust tuners and oil fingerboard75.00
Set-UpFloating Tremolo95.00
New Nut6-String100.00
New Nut12-String120.00
Assemble Parts GuitarIncludes Assembly and Setup (Does not include finish)400.00+
Shielding KitSolid Copper Foil – Custom FitCall
Install New Pickups50.00 ea.
Electronic ModificationsCall

Fret WorkDescriptionPrices (in Dollars)
Fret JobUnbound Neck450.00
Fret JobBound Neck450.00
Fret JobMaple NeckCall
PearlRemove/Replace PerCall
Fret DressDress, Re-crown and Polish125.00

Turnaround Time
Typical turnaround is 1 to 2 weeks.  Complicated repairs may take longer.

Instruments are insured to $25,000.

Contact me to set up an appointment so we can evaluate and discuss your instrument one to one