Mike Haney - The Guitar Doctor

The Guitar Doctor is a full service guitar repair shop in Exeter Township, Berks County located near Reading, Pennsylvania.

We specialize in the repair of fretted instruments, and are a C.F. Martin and Taylor authorized repair center.  We are honored to have been chosen by Phil Kubicki to be the only world wide authorized repair center for Factor bass. Of course we work on all brands including Gibson, Fender, Guild, Gretsch and others. Our services include setups, refretting, fret dressing, nut work, bridge repair, structural repairs, electronic modifications, pickup replacement and pretty much anything your heart desires. If you can dream it, we can do it.

I have been repairing guitars for over 30 years, and what can I say this is what I love to do. To see the smile on a customers face when they receive their guitar, set up and playing like a million dollars would be payment enough if it were not for the IRS and the mortgage company. Please see the price list.

Mike Haney with Phillip Kubicki

Phil Kubicki with Mike Haney

I began building guitars in 1986 after having the extraordinary luck of meeting Phil Kubicki. Phil had worked in the research and development department of Fender guitars for twenty years before venturing out on his own. He is the designer of the internationally known Factor bass. Phil is also well known for having built George Harrison’s rosewood Telecaster. This guitar can be seen being played in the last Beatle’s performance on the rooftop of the Apple building. I am forever indebted to Phil for his tutelage and patience for what must have seemed a never-ending barrage of questions. Phil’s meticulous work habits and eye for design continue to be an inspiration to me. Before his passing in 2013, Phil asked me to take over the repair and restoration for Factor Bass. Visit the Kubicki website here: www.kubicki.com

After returning home to the Reading area in 1995, I visited the Martin Guitar factory and met Frank Finocchio. Frank is an exceptional luthier and is now an instructor in the art of guitar building. In early 2007, I began working for Frank doing repairs. He has proven to be a storehouse of information. The opportunity to work for Frank was one that I could not pass up. His guidance and friendship has been the foundation of my career as a luthier.

I currently build three to four guitars a year, when my wife, son and repair work allow. It is without a doubt my passion. A custom built instrument is a collaboration between you and a luthier. I build guitars one at a time, according to what the customer wants. Your dream guitar is the guitar I want to build. To build a guitar that is aesthetically pleasing, a joy to play and hear is my continuing goal. A quality guitar is the perfect blend of art and engineering.

Repair continues to be what pays the mortgage. I have been in the business for twenty years and it has been my full time occupation since 2003. I specialize in re-frets as this, in my opinion, is the most important factor in the playability of an instrument. Unfortunately, poor fret work seems to be a major problem with many instruments regardless of price. Of course acoustic and electric setups remain a staple, as well as structural repairs and electronic modifications.

Contact me to set up an appointment so we can evaluate and discuss your instrument one to one