Kubicki Factor Bass

Philip Kubicki

We are honored to have been chosen by Phil Kubicki to take over the repair and restoration service for Kubicki Factor basses.  I met Phil in 1986 while living in Santa Barbara and credit him with instilling in me the spark that would one day become my passion for guitar building and repair.

We are dedicated to providing the same quality service that players have come to expect from Factor bass.

Kubicki Factor Bass repairs by The Guitar Doctor

Service Package 1

$ 600
  • Fret Dress
  • Rejuvenate neck
  • Replace all fasteners
  • Buff body
  • Bridge/tuner rebuild
  • Circuit board maintenance
  • Set up and intonation

Service Package 2

$ 950
  • All work from service package 1 plus re-fret

Service Package 3

$ 225
  • Re-finish neck

Service Package 4

$ 450
  • Re-fret
  • Set-up and intonation

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